Mobile and tablet traffic share is set to overtake desktop by July 2014* yet surprisingly, Mobile is still rarely featured on many student recruitment schedules. 

EduMobile will help you to fill that gap by providing you with a highly innovative and effective mobile campaign throughout the duration of Clearing.

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How it works
SMS and Display
We will be using a combination of SMS and Display to reach A Level students in the run up to and on the most important day of the  Academic calendar.

SMS – we have access to over 40m SMS contacts in the UK which we can precisely segment and target.*

*We will only contact students who have opted into receiving relevant marketing.

Mobile Display – We operate with 35 specialist display networks worldwide. Using data collated on mobile handsets, we can ensure only the key target audience will have the opportunity to view the advertising in question.

The data – we are able to identify A Level students using data taken from a variety of sources. Sources include;
  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Electoral role
  • Yahoo
  • Future Group
  • Haymarket
  • Dennis publishing
  • IPCSky Media

Audience targeting

We will be targeting students across multiple categories to ensure that you reach only the most relevant audience for your needs. These include;
  • A Level students
  • Placed A Level students
  • Mature placed and non-placed students       

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Clearing case study 2013
A University client wanted to drive clearing applicants to call their hotline number to apply for courses available for September entry. Previous localised advertising had delivered poor results and they wanted to utilise the growth in mobile popularity to drive applications.

We created a click to call mobile display campaign aimed at students using behavioural targeting – those who matched the demographic profile and those who matched through keyword searches done via their mobile devices. We also provided a re-directed 01274 number which was essential to maximising the effectiveness of the campaign.

The admissions team received over 280 calls from applicants through the click to call campaign – twice that of any route. Cost per call averaged £18. The team converted all of the required places and reached their targets for the year. 
Reach your target audience
SMS and Display
Clearing case study 2013
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