Manufacturers paving the path to economic recovery

As the UK continues to recover from the economic crisis, the manufacturing industry is paving the path towards a productive future through consistent innovation.

An extensive understanding of financial regulations and budgeting are essential to productivity. Employing the right person for the job is of the utmost importance.

From enthusiastic students to the encyclopedic minds of our ACCA Members, ACCA Careers offers a targeted approach to your candidate search, helping to put you in contact with the best candidates.

"ACCA is the only accountancy body to offer excellent coverage of every single one of the 16 competencies Shell has developed for its finance professionals to become future finance leaders within our organisation."
Jim Robertson,Professional Qualifications Sponsor, Shell





“ACCA Careers is part of our recruitment strategy and continues to help us attract qualified finance professionals. the ACCA Careers recruitment process is flexible, interactive and high quality. We find it effective and efficient.”

Human Resources, Coca Cola

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Recruiting with ACCA is quick. simple & cost effective. 
Be in peace of mind knowing all applicants are qualified finance professionals of the highest quality and applications are sent immediately to your inbox to review.

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